Financial Services


Financial systems across the world can only function successfully if the financial institutions provide reliable services. Finances can be compared to blood. We all need a constant supply of oxygenated blood in our circulatory systems. In the unfortunate event that you lose blood without timely replacement, you will be at risk of having massive organ failure. You can even die.

Similarly, it is important for individuals and organizations to properly plan for and manage their finances.

All companies need various types of financial services. In large organizations, the services may be provided by internal staff. However, most small organizations are incapable of hiring the right number and type of employees to carry out different functions. This is where we come in.

We have been providing a wide range of financial services for several years. As a result, we have built a great reputation. According to the feedback we have been receiving, 95% of our previous clients were absolutely satisfied with our services.

Do you need any type of financed-related service? If you do, please get in touch with us.

Types of Services

In collaboration with other players, we provide the following range of financial services:

  • Funds Provision

    1. Venture capital
    2. Forfeiting and factoring
    3. Agency banking
    4. Credit cards
    5. Asset financing
    6. Trade financing

  • Market Operations

    1. Futures, derivatives and options
    2. Operations in the stock market
    3. Operations in the retail market
    4. Operations in the money market
    5. Trusteeship
    6. Management of assets
    7. Acquisition and transfer of shareholding

  • Management of Investible Funds

    1. Merchant banking
    2. Portfolio management
    3. Pension and mutual funds

  • Consultancy Services

    1. Mergers, reengineering,and acquisitions
    2. Project preparatory services
    3. Credit rating
    4. Preparation of project reports
    5. Valuation of investments
    6. Project appraisal
    7. Business advisory services
    8. Project rehabilitation

  • Risk Financing

    1. Export-credit guarantee
    2. Project preparatory services
    3. Insurance

  • Research and Development

    1. Financial information services
    2. Equity and market research
    3. Personnel training

Scope of Services

The financial services that we provide on our own and in collaboration with other partners can be classified into:

Fund-based Financial Services

We have a team of experts with impressive skills and experience in handling the following: underwriting, sourcing and utilization of mutual funds, secondary market activities, housing finance, participation in CDs, CPs and other money market instruments, forfeiting, lease financing/ equipment leasing, insurance services, hire purchase arrangements, bill discounting as well as venture capital financing

Non-fund based Financial Services

Our in-house team of experts can also handle all matters pertaining to the following non-fund based financial services: securitization, stock brokerage, merchant banking, custodian services, credit rating, debenture trusteeship, loan syndication, capital restructuring, identification and exploitation of business opportunities, acquisitions and mergers, project advisory services, portfolio management as well as services required by NRIs and non-resident companies.

What you need to know about financial services

There are important things that you must know about financial services. This will enable you choose the right financial services provider. It is important to note that there are various firms that provide these types of services. If you fail to make the right choice; you may get short-changed.

The services are intangible, based on information, inseparable, dominated by human element, perishable as well as variable.


The services cannot be touched. For this reason, it is extremely difficult to reproduce or standardize them. We are the best option because of our in-depth understanding of what clients need. Our main focus is on providing innovative and high-quality services.

Information based

The industry is mainly based on information. Our company knows how to effectively create, make use of and disseminate information.


Our employees know how to seamlessly produce and disseminate financial services. A firm can only succeed if production and dissemination of services is flawless.

Human element

Our management team takes cognizance of the fact that the industry is labor intensive and must be dominated by people rather than machines. You would never find an incompetent, unskilled and inexperienced staff in our firm. Unlike other companies which grapple with limited number of employees, our company has the right number of staff at all times.


Unlike other companies, we understand that financial services cannot be preserved for future use. We always ensure that the market forces of demand and supply are properly matched.


Individual and corporate clients have varied needs. Therefore, we provide a wide range of services to fulfill clients’ varied needs.

What do we want to achieve?

There are five main reasons why we provide financial services. They include:

  • To facilitate exchange of commodities (services and goods).
  • To transform risk by minimizing it through risk planning and sharing.
  • To mobilize savings.
  • To monitor management of funds and ensure that finances are utilized for the intended purposes.
  • To allocate capital funds.