Human Resource Services

We provide comprehensive human resource outsourcing services that can free up precious time and minimize costs for nearly all types of business.

Our range of HR services includes; payroll services, compliance with immigration law, employee benefits, workforce performance improvement and management of human capital, risk management solutions and compensation of employees, recruitment, enhancement of employees’ performance as well as time and attendance solutions.

Payroll Services

Would you be interested in getting rid of the horrific Payroll task from the long list of mundane tasks that are routinely carried out in your organization? If you are interested, just get in touch with us.

We will instruct our payroll experts to take care of all the payroll processes, including but not limited to; direct deposits, creation and delivery of forms, job costing reports, payroll taxation audits, pretax administration, filing of taxes to the state and federal governments, flexible spending accounts, submission of quarterly reports, payroll deductions, levies and garnishments as well as vacation, sick pay and PTO accruals.

Compliance with Immigration Law

Complying with applicable state and federal laws regarding immigration can be quite difficult. We can take care of all the difficulty and ensure that you comply with all the immigration rules and regulations. Additionally, we can recommend the most suitable hiring practices and file maintenance techniques.

Do not allow the business you have painstakingly built for many years to be destroyed by a technicality. We are here to help you.

With comprehensive staff benefits services from us, we can help reduce or even eliminate the need for managing multiple relationships with different service providers.

By outsourcing all your HR services to us, you will save valuable time, enhance focus; minimize costs while simultaneously retaining absolute control over your employees.

Employee Benefits Packages

Would you like to attract and retain the best employees? You only need to offer comprehensive corporate style benefits.

As far as employee benefits is concerned, offering comprehensive corporate style benefits packages can be the ultimate game changer when negotiating terms of employment with prospective employees.

We can help you attract and retain talented employees by providing guidance on the provision of the following range of employee benefits; medical plans, prescription drug plans, dental plans, individual coverage, vision care, long term care, life insurance, deferred compensation, short-term and long-term disability insurance, college savings, supplemental plans and vacation plans, among other benefits.

Workforce Performance Improvement and Management of Human Capital

Your company’s potential for success starts with individual employees. When each employee attains optimum performance every day, there will be better outcomes for the whole organization.

Our unique approach for workforce performance improvement and management of human capital takes cognizance of the need to develop individual members of staff.

To fulfill this objective, we assist you come up with exceptional training materials for use by your employees. They can be customized to suit individual employees’ needs.

Risk Management Solutions and Compensation of Employees

Are you aware that nearly all carriers quote the same figures for your employees’ compensation policies? Even though there may be variations in discounts, significant savings can only be achieved with proper management of claims and effective implementation of safety plans.

We partner with reputable employees’ compensation carriers who offer high quality programs at favorable prices. Additionally, we provide internal claim services which allow us to effectively work alongside the claims administrators of carriers to minimize costs of claims and also make sure that employees who sustain injuries get adequately compensated. Our clients often enjoy reducing loss ratios, cost of premiums as well as EMODS.


Optimize your organization’s ROI on employees with enhanced recruitment strategies.

The process of creating an exceptional workforce starts with recruitment of the most suitable candidates to fill job vacancies.

If the recruitment process is optimized, your organization will enjoy minimal employee turnover, minimal costs of hiring and on-boarding as well as build-up of a great foundation necessary for the overall success of your organization.

To achieve this primary objective, we can help you in various ways. Firstly, we can come up with a perfect hiring process that matches your organization culture. We can also spell out goals for the vacant positions that match the overall organization’s goals.

Enhancement of Employees’ Performance

We can enhance your organization’s competitive advantage by coming up with and providing training materials for use by members of staff. If the training and appraisal of employees is standardized, it will be easier to put in place, deploy and also deliver training content throughout the organization to enable you maintain extremely high levels of certifications and credentials.

If you seek our services, we can help identify goals of individual employees, prioritize learning and also set standards. Effective use of these methods can help to foresee, isolate and also address shortcomings such as competency gaps by customizing learning content to ensure improvement of employees’ performance.

Time and Attendance Solutions

It is difficult for an organization to establish exactly how much time employees spend working. Absenteeism, tardiness and other time and attendance challenges can find their way into the workplace and lead to overpaid wages and salaries as well as diminished productivity.

With the passage of time, such problems can have a substantial impact on your organization’s bottom-line. In most cases, human resource managers spend lots of energy and time in attempts to keep track of these hard nuts to crack. As a result, even more valuable time is wasted.

We provide exceptional time and attendance solutions to ensure that you obtain value for the money you pay employees.